Information graphic artist Matthias Emde: clear illustrations of complex topics

On these pages I, as a medical-scientific illustrator, will present to you a portfolio with numerous information graphics, which demonstrate impressively how complex systems are connected.

All of the information graphics here are the result of extensive briefing and communication as well as intensive conceptual work. A good illustration is the result of attentive listening, intelligent questions, thinking, developing and elaborating with attention to detail. This makes understanding how things work in areas such as medicine, health care, science, IT, logistics and technology immediately clear and easy at a glance.

Click through the thematically organized pages to find the fitting topic to the illustration you’re looking for. If you have any questions, please contact me (++49-(0)69-95620090). I’ll be happy to help you.


Making science visible

Visual and illustrative design plays an important role in making the transfer of knowledge and information comprehensible and easily understandable.

The illustrator as service provider and problem solver

Whether you are in the market for infographics for technical articles, presentations, visualizations of complex matters or you are looking to provide your patients with information relating to their medical treatments, you will find the solution here.