Case studies and working methods

Infographic on the production and applications of polymers

What was the illustrator’s brief?

A variety of information and application examples from the polymer industry were to be presented on a double-page spread in a scientific magazine. The challenge here was to accommodate a large amount of different information on a double page in such a way that it was still easy to understand and attractive to look at.

The benefit for the client

The very complex information graphic has become an “eye-catcher”, almost a kind of hidden object, with lots to discover. The central image unit shows a variety of applications in the form of small, stylized drawings, surrounded by a schematic representation of the chemical structure, production from the raw material crude oil, the historical development of polymer research and statistical data.

The client’s reaction

The reactions were consistently positive, above all because the format was used so well and the “crease” in the middle of the double page was cleverly taken into account without splitting up the overall graphic.

Polymere - Herstellung, Verwendung, Entsorgung, Geschichte

Polymers: Production, use, disposal, history